Via the relay modules, outputs can be switched. A relay module has no specific function but can handle any switch functions: monostable (eg a doorbell), bistable (on / off), timer, interval, thermostat output. Some relays can also control motors of blinds, curtains, gates.


Power supply : 230Vac +-10%, 50 Hz – maximum
protection 16A/2P
Insulation voltage : 3 kVac tested
Characteristic consumption : 9VA maximum – all
relays on
Ambient temperature :
Working temp. range : 10°C to 50°C
Storage temp. range : -10°C to 60°C
Maximum humidity : 93%, no moisture condensation
Bus load : 10mA at nominal 13,8V
Internal fuse : 500mA single-phase
Max installation altitude : 2.000 meters.
OUT1 – OUT4 : 4 potential-free normally open single
In Stand-Alone mode, the outputs can be set as:
o Shutter (running time 10 minutes)
o Via a CTD (which can be removed after
changing the mode and setting the values) the
outputs can be set as DELAY ON, DELAY
When coupled with a controller, the REL04SA will
receive its input and output modes via the controller.
When the controller is taken away, all Timer modes will
be turned in to Timer 1 mode.
Rated current : 16A
Contact resistance : 100m
Set/Reset time : 15ms max / 5ms max
Endurance : 20mil. Operations

Rated load :
Resistive load (cos = 1)
16A at 230Vac / 30VDC
Inductive load (cos = 0,4; L/R = 7 ms)
8A at 230Vac / 30VDC
Maximum switching power :
Resistive load (cos = 1)
3680VA at 230Vac
480W at 30Vdc
Inductive load (cos = 0,4; L/R = 7 ms)
1840VA at 230Vac
240W at 30Vdc
We strongly recommend not to exceed these values,
otherwise an external contactor should be used!
IN1 – IN5 : 5 potential-free single contacts
Input signal delay :
– when closing the contact : max 100ms
– after opening the contact : max 100ms
Input function : standard as push button. When the
REL04SA is coupled with a Controller, the inputs can
be set as Normal Open, Normal Close or Push button

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